My vow

This is my vow

My promise to you

Write this in stone

It will always be true

You are my love

You are my heart

This promise I give you

Never to break

Never to waver

Never to forsake


Though many storms shall rage

Right by your side I'll stay

Nothing will rip from next you

Like glue I'll hold you down

I'll be your strength when you feel weak

I'll be your solitude when you need peace

When you need a friend

I'll be that and much more

Say the word and I'll be at your door


I'll be your diary

Tell me anything you wish

I will hold your secrets dear

Close to heart

Never whisper them into a single ear

I'll hold steadfast, no matter what you say

No matter what, my back will never turn on you


This is not a feeling

I have chosen you to love

Feelings change everyday

But my mind is made up

I promise to fight with you 

I promise to fight for you

Compromise will be a must

Nothing unsaid, or left undone


Go party with your friends

Go have fun

Go out of town

Bring me back a little something

Spend money

Live your life


Oh smile, that beautiful smile that you call your own


I'll wait for you

Patiently and expectantly

I will not blow up your phone

Space and trust is a must

I'll see you when you arrive back home

Just know, I love you



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