My Voice

Tue, 08/30/2016 - 23:28 -- Will.1


I don’t have a big voice

Not a loud one

Rarely heard

A whisper


I don’t have a big voice

I am shy



A face among a sea of individuals

What could make me different?


I don’t have a big voice

And I feel as if my personality is lost

I am me but not me

Lost and confused

Never good enough

Strong enough

Smart enough

Too ugly


I don’t have a big voice

But poetry gives it to me

It is my microphone

Loud over all the fears in my mind

All the doubts in my soul


I don’t have a big voice

But In the face of



And Evil

I can be heard

Poetry expresses me


I don’t have a big voice

But I can still show people

The pen to paper

The keyboard to Word

I can show

My inaudible creativity


I don’t have a big voice

Poetry is my voice though

And it becomes bigger

With every Stanza

Every line

Every Word

You can hear me

A little part of you understands

My human need to express more

To be heard

I can give you

The real me

I can share my thoughts

And make you think

I don’t need to speak

But you can hear me


Because whenever I write

The lines and stanzas soothe my soul

Rest my restless mind

And remove any doubt

I have about Self-worth


I feel good

Maybe that is why

I won’t stop writing

Here I am stronger


Not good but great


Even though

Yesterday I was afraid

 Today was tough

And tomorrow is uncertain

Here in these words

I am free

And I feel good

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



Wow I love this


Thank you. I appreciate it.


Great very clear and consise poem, I respect the style

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