My Voice.

Lost within principles of her own life, she forgets her own voice.
Lost within pressuring demands, she forgets her own thoughts.
Lost within her worries and doubts, she forgets her own journey.
As each voice pushes her down, as each voice drowns out her thoughts, she forgets to elaborate her own heart.
It wasn’t until she screamed and begged for mercy, that every mountain lifted off her shoulders, leaving behind the expectations of home.
It wasn’t until she stood up to the demands of the monsters that surround her that she was able to spread her wings and soar.
With the ability to obliterate her stringent cries, she pushes herself off this cliff in order to expend her wings and fly.
With each flap of her wings, she stops for no one.
With each appendage of her wings she soars higher and before.
With no intentions to cave in, she captures her dreams.
And finally, with her dreams tightly grasped in each hand, she does not let the dead soul within herself die out.
It continues to inspire her glistening individuality to stop hiding within and to only speak out.


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