My vocation

I'm pouring out the water.
Holy from the tap.
But they want a sweeter version.
They want syrup,
They love that sap.
That sweet taste called sin,
They can't get enough!
Why you think it's called die-abetes?
Now you need a vaccine.
You want pure blood,
It's on the cross.
Pouring out redemption.
Salvation Army,
Never lost.
Get the bible,
Word search.
Before you say you know me.
That's a curveball you trying to throw me.
It ain't true, 
Can you back it?
No? than Back it Up! 
I'm trying to keep my message true.
I'm surrounded by fakers and I hate it.
There is really no room to debate it.
Some claim to be holy but really they just haters.
And some could take that stairway to heaven,
But instead, wait forever for the elevators.
It's to much faux,
It's to much fake.
And to many foes,
For me to feel safe.
I refuse to fallback,
But I need The Fathers heir support,
I tell them Sin is wack.
I trie to raise them to the heaven,
But they keep falling short.
They can't rise up.
They Fakin with their disguise up
You know I love my neighbor,
Loving everyone.
I try to build them up.
Killin sin,
Like I'm popping guns.
But they act like he ain't there.
Like Christ ain't care?
That's a straight lie.
From the bad guy,
And they know.
But they Fakin still.
They can't keep it real.
No real men, to Cary a cross.
No real women, standing firm.
They all want to change their ways,
But want to do it on their terms.
No consultation,
So they sit back with their tribulation.
They think they their own boss.
CEO of their corporation. 
They ain't feeling that cooperation,
They afraid to give they mind to Christ.
I'm a sell it to you straight.
This ain't no heist
Last thing,
I'm a tell it to you straight.
I was in your shoes,
I had the same bad soul.
But he healed me from the toes up.
Crush my pride,
Rekindled it with a mind for his glory.
No blind faith,
Just wait to you learn the whole story.
He died for you,
To erase all pain.
He died for you,
To remove your stains.
He died for you,
To stop sins reign.
There's a new king.
And his names Christ.
No more tears is the forecast.
No more fear is the plan.
God sent his only son,
To earth as a man.
He lived a perfect live.
Worthy of all praise,
Least of all who deserved death.
But was killed anyways.
But after three days.
Jesus came back.
Took us out of darkness.
Then proclaimed light.
He erased sin,
He effaced death.
When we die,
We can repent until our last breathe.
Some say Only the good die young.
Man I wish that was true.
I'm looking at my boys,
We have baptized a few.
Buts that's not the worm.
The worlds a dry wreck,
We plan to take it by storm.


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