My very own shield

Pain nobody can see, hidden from a shield of my own making
Keeping the thoughts displayed on my face away from anyone's taking.
When I looked down, the hair covered my face.
I held a frown,
but my hair was my shield; and I felt safe.
I've overheard what they were saying, when they thought I wasn't around.
I used to talk with unending enthusiasm, and now I barely make a sound.
All the friends I once had, they say.
I used to be popular, but now they don't look my way.
I've heard what they've been saying, about the music i've been playing. 
makes them feel sad, they have no idea.
"You cant see her eyes,
Her hairs in the way!"
It protects me from you,
and the things that you say.
Kind words, yet they still sting.
my hair is my shield
it hides me from what my pain brings.
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