My version of Cinderella

Cinderella, Cinderelli? 

No one knows her real name

The one who dreads to marry her 

Will live happy days.


Prince Charming, Prince Charming is known to be a player

No one wants to be his mistress because he’s a heart breaker.


How can he win trust that he already lost? 

How can he prove that he’s worthy of his future brides trust?


The annual ball came around the corner

No one knew what to expect,

All they were told is that they had to wait to find out.


Everyone wanted to know what was going on but Cinderella, Cinderelli didn’t want to attend.


Her step-sisters insisted to she go 

But her evil step-mother forced her to stay at home.


Once the ball came closer and closer she decided to go.

When she got all dressed and ready suddenly a black shadow appeared.


She said No, no, how can you wear that to a special night like this? Here let me help you so you can attract you first kiss


With one swipe of her magic wand she transformed her into the natural princess she is


Cinderella, Cinderelli needed a ride so she called out for a carriage 

But it was no where to be found


Her Fairy Godmother finally introduced her self and said “No worries i’ll make that pumpkin into your ride”


Cinderella, Cinderelli said “Thank you, thank you, how else can I repay you”


She responded with “No need to repay me, just find your true love.”


Cinderella, Cinderelli finally arrived at the ball and 

Accidentally bumped into a tall young gentlemen 

They proceed to dance together when the prince decided to take over


They danced and danced 

They had a good time but once it was midnight everything wasn't fine

Everything Cinderella, Cinderelli had turned back into its original state and she was left with Nothing and ran straight for the doors.

She was embarrassed by what had happened and went to bed that night


The next day she woke up with a bang at her door 

She came to see it was the kingdom officials coming to taker her away

She arrived at the castle and was seated in a chair, she was asked to wait patiently

As the doors opened out came the prince

He kneeled on one knee and asked her to be with him 

But she kindly refused him and left him with nothing

Weeks after weeks he would do everything in his power to make her say yes 

But when she did say yes they had a first date first

They introduced themselves and come to find out 

Cinderella, Cinderelli actually was named Maria

However they hit it off so well 

That the next day they were off to a happily ever after


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