My Unspoken Parter

My Unspoken Partner

Stephanie Gerber

My partner is one of no words

She can’t speak,

But instead tells me things with body language

A word will never leave her mouth

But she is far more expressive than any human that I’ve ever met.


My partner is ten times my size

She is two tons heavier than me

And if I make one mistake,

She could kill me.


Trust is a vital part of my sport

I have to trust my partner, as she must trust me

Taking a horse over a 2’9” jump isn’t easy, after all

It’s scary too.


But the thrill I get from every single ride outweighs all of the fear

The trust I get from this beautiful creature

creates the best friendship that I will ever have.


Riding uplifts me every time I get the chance to do it.

My partner might as well be my heart, where she constantly resides.

My partner is strong and brave, more than I could ever hope to be.

My partner uplifts me and teaches me to be the best person I can be.


My partner is my passion, and even when I am old

When I am unable to take you over jumps no longer,

My partner, I will love and take care of you as long as you uplift me

My partner, I will love and take care of you forever.


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