My Unpredictable Life


I am from chilly summers
from four wheeler rides and Windex.
I am from the cozy fireplace in my living room
(warm, soft, and my favorite place to be)
Sounding like mini firecrackers exploding like the day my country was born.
I am from the beautiful flowers in my grandma’s back yard
eventually being covered with gentle snow during the winter.
I'm from the ferns on our blueberry trail
sharp, tall, and green.
I am from the crazy days of spring cleaning and the messages of love.
from my amazing father and unbelievable mother
and of course my goofy older brother
that can always put a smile on my face.
I am from the silly name calling
and sunset pontoon rides at camp.

I’m from “always say your prayers”
and “it's the thought that counts.”
I'm from being a bratty toddler
to a high spirited girl.
I’m from the great up north
woodsy, gorgeous, and four different seasons.
From the painful treatment of my mom’s cancer
worrying each day it will return.
I am from a family of survivors
I am from ice cream on those occasional hot summer days
and playing in the snow on bright winter nights.
I am from a wonderful life.
My wonderful life.


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