My Unibrow and Me


United States
40° 33' 3.7728" N, 111° 44' 15.4248" W

There's a spot on your face
Above the bridge of your nose
That is the place where the most
Awesome eyebrow hair grows

You could call it a Facebook
And you would be correct
'Cuz that's a place where eyebrows can go
When they want to connect

East meets west in that
Particular place
It's my own personal Golden Spike
Right there on my face

My unibrow and me
Live together in harmony
My unibrow and I
Will be together 'til the day I die
United we stand
Divided we fall
Eyebrows are no exception at all

My unibrow is my unibro
The ladies think he's cute
The wide appeal of the unibrow
Is something you simply can't dispute

My unibrow fills all the ladies
With exhilaration
I guess that means I'm also guilty of that
By association

But if by some coincidence
The ladies don't want to be with me somehow
That's ok 'cuz I'll always have
The company of my awesome unibrow

I'm glad he never leaves
He's with me all the time
I'm never going to shave him
He'll always be mine
We go so well together
It's almost a crime
I'm grateful for my eyebrows
And their decision to combine

My unibrow and me
Enjoying life, living carefree
My unibrow and I
Together we are looking very fly
United we stand
Divided we fall
Eyebrows are no exception at all



I love this poem! It's beautiful!

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