my true love

Food is a blessing

Food is a curse

It's the main reason

I have no money in my purse


Food is my hero

Food is my villain

When I'm eating

Hide all women and children


Food may be my life

But it will be my death 

Sometimes I eat too much

And can't climb the steps


Food is my mind

Food is my soul

Oh! What I'd do

for a chipotle burrito bowl


Food is my strength 

And also my weakness

Order me large fries

and I might get freaky 


Food is my happiness 

And also my sadness 

When my fridge is empty

Expect complete madness 


Food is my refuge

Food is my safety 

I never shy when I ask 

Drop some more on my plate, please?


Food is my joy 

Food is my pain

Planned a date at seven

But his leftovers & I still missed the last train


Food is like beauty

Food is a treasure

And no, I'm not sorry

For snacking during your lecture  


Food is my air

I need it to breath

Just like the candy bar

I hid up my sleeve 


People bring me to parties

I only stay for the food

And sometimes it's the reason 

I can get a bit rude


I used to go to anger management class

But will end any sessions further

Cause Five Guys just cured me with



Food is my crutch

An angel sent from above

Who needs a boyfriend

When you have such an amazing display of true love?



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