My True Love

Looking into those big brown eyes, literally melts my heartIt's crazy how much I truly loved you from the very startSomehow being with you I finally felt wholeAnd from the 1st day I knew I loved you with all of my heart, mind, body, and soulI tried everything in my power to push you completely awayBut no matter how hard I tried, You still made the choice to stayI figured you'd never want to stay with me, once you found out about who I use too beBecause of the horrible life that consumed the best of meLittle did I know that you'd already planned my future with youBecause you said "You'd already fallin in love with me to"A year and half later our love has truly been put through some major testAnd through all the ups and downs, we fought through them all and now are at our very bestI honestly can't imagine one minute of my life without you in itI know in my heart that you are absolutely heaven sentI praise God every night for placing you in my lifeAnd I never forget to ask him too someday soon make me your wifeI can't wait for the day, I can finally bless you with your 1st Angel from aboveToo make you a daddy is something I know you'll truly loveAlthough in your heart your already a daddy blessed with my perfect twoBut having our Benji will finally complete our family and our crazy little crew....

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