My Tiny Dancer

Since the first time I saw the test,I've felt nothing but pure joy in my chest.Then soon after you began to kick and move,The feelings I had for you only improved.Then forever time seemed to pass,And finally, you were in my arms at last.Your daddy and I were beaming with open hearts,There the seed of love grew and I knew then we'd never part.Weeks flew by and you still kept on kicking,Then my mind my made a shift to visually see time ticking.Months flew fast and one amazing day you stood,I was ecstatic and excited to see that you could.But then to my surprise, you took another step,You bounced and giggled and my heart lept out of my chest.You were dancing it seemed in your own unique way,I was almost in happy tears seeing my little girl play.It's been more than a year now since she danced her first dance,And to imagine life before her isn't worth more than a glance.I had no purpose or drive until she came into this world so tiny and frail,Now every day my tiny dancer makes life worth living, even when I feel I've failed.I will always be the one she watches and learns from,So I am going to try my hardest to show her what I can become.I may never be famous or larger than life,But my tiny dancer will learn that your dreams are always worth the strife.

This poem is about: 
My family


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