My Time Will Arrive

Sun, 05/11/2014 - 20:29 -- Lyns157


In the hallways of my school,

some girls think they're cool,

while the guys only drool.


They cough

and they scoff,

but I want them to back off.


I hide my feelings

and look up at the ceilings

as I deal with the daily dealings.


Today was the day

that I wanted to walk away,

but I wanted them to pay.


I started to walk toward them

in order to condemn,

but I decided to be gem.


I turned the other cheek

and my future seemed bleak,

because they thought I was a freak.


I cried myself to sleep

and so many nights I would weep,

because the feelings were just too deep.


Only I could deal

with the pain that was unreal

in order to heal.


I stood up straight

and decided not to hate

as I prayed for a clean slate.


College is finally approaching.

My future seems promising.

My confidence is blossoming.


The day I arrive

is the day I will strive,

because it's my turn to thrive

with my new drive to survive,

because I will finally feel alive.


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