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Welcome to my thoughts where you get mugged in broad day light, robbed of your sanity until you gasp for air. Imaginations runs wild and my obsession with fantasy becomes rather obvious. Ride along, stay close don't lose sight just follow my lead you don't wanna wonder alone in theses woods. You can feel strong tidal waves as a result of oppression and suppression battling it out for supremacy and there is no chance for a cease fire in the atmosphere. Uncertainty sinking it fiery teeth through all my decision making. Story telling is rather complicated and lies are calculated, repeated, until it credibility is no more called into question. Illustrating an idea feels like a hologram, walk through in any direction, look closely, inspect every inch and crevice satisfaction is no more a fallacy. Hold on steadfastly things happen in a flash you might get entangled in a deep secret, sometimes I struggle to keep hold of my sluggishness, procrastination, short sightedness, they creeps in like a doomsday viral infection. This is a strong hold for sarcasm, blame games, manipulation and guilt so tread carefully. But just when you think things couldn't get any worse they actually don't cause you find calmness, commitment, loyalty, kindness, self satisfaction, contentment and above all the present of the Maker's love don't take them for granted cause In the end you choose which one comes to you.
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