My Thoughts


My thoughts
Go crazy. They wander,
They go in circles
Maybe that's the reason for the black
Circles underneath
My eyes.
My eyes
Stare out the window as my thoughts
Thy skin wanders.
My heart is filled with black
The circles
Overlap each other. My eyes
Become darker and more black.
As my thoughts
Around. What lies underneath
Is what truly matters, underneath,
Beyond the circles
Has words that is sometimes too much to bare so I wander
My eyes
Around the room. Trying to process one thought
At a time Trying to turn the color black
In my heart to any other color other than black.
Underneath my smile/ laugh lies so many thoughts.
That the circles
Are my eyes.
They wander
And even thought they wander.
The black
Seems to get darker in my eyes
And my heart. Underneath
The circles
Is beyond what you can imagine. It is what is called my thoughts.
My thoughts wander
In circles that become black
As my heart turns that color and so does underneath my eyes.

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