My Sweetheart

No matter the details of the weather

I love the smell of my leather

Whether rain or snow

I strive to ride to acheive the perfect glow


It a joy to ride in the Kentucky hay

And just as great at home in the Georgia clay

When I ride it seems like my horse and I morph into one

Every step he takes make me smile as bright as the sun


My blood rushes through my body

My adrenaline raises through the roof

His Canter is a cure for anybody

My smile is proof


“1-2-1-2” is the beat of his trot

This beat brings joy to my soul and can’t be bought

With every post, I become stronger and free

I feel as free as a bumblebee


My saddle keeps me nice and stable

When I’m in it I feel able

Able to conquer all feats

In the midst of it all

My horses just wants his treats


He’s my pride and my joy

He’s perfect in everyway

He’s my beautiful boy

And has the cutest little neigh


His crystal blue eyes captures my heart

His fiery white and chestnut coat is abstract art

He is misunderstood by many but he’s my sweetheart

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