My Sweet Angel

I held you for the first time

I whispered in your ear, "mommy loves you"

I looked at you, so small and delicate

I had tears dripping from my eyes falling onto your pail cheeks

I knew your were too small, too precious for this hell of a world

Mamma knew three months early is too dangerous


You peared up at me, lifting your eyelids for the very first time

You stopped time, my precious angel

You didn't even cry, you were so relaxed in my arms

You were taken from me before I had time to process

You sweet baby, Mommy is here


I smiled, cried, and aww'd at every movement you made

I smiled and whispered, "mommy loves you"

I couldn't stand seeing wires and tubes attached to you inside that nicu

I could only be your mommy  and never leave your side

I prayed with all my heart for you to be well


I saw the line on the monitor go flat

What? No....

Docotors, nurses, machines, tubes...


God, not my baby



I love you my sweet babygirl

God holds you in his arms

I know you are safe

But nothing can take this pain away in my heart

I just want to hold you one last time


I won't ever say goodbye 

For you are always my baby

I am always your mommy

I love you so, my sweet angel

forever and always


I'll will hold you again when The Lord calls me home


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