My Superman

Three years ago, I simply sat in my room

And stared at the ceiling

Waiting for him to come


Three years ago, I simply went to school

To class and nowhere else

Because I was waiting for him to come


I isolated myself from everyone I knew

Did nothing in my life, just went with the flow

Wasting away for fruitless pursuits


Waiting for my Superman to sweep me off my feet

Feeling the joy of being loved and secure


Waiting for my Superman to save me

From my dreary and utterly depressing life

That has often driven me to the edge


Three years ago, I spent each day daydreaming

About how my Superman will come for me

About how perfect and real he was that I forget about everyone else


All those wasted days,

Incorporated into dramas, novels, and screenplays

As a futile attempt to bring him to life


A robotic creation of my own,

Inspired by real people who were out of my reach

Fueled by my dreams and many fantasies


But what’s the point in all of this?


While waiting for my Superman to come

All my friends had moved on and found more everlasting relationships,

As well as other Lois Lanes


While waiting for my Superman to come

I missed out on all the opportunities to appreciate life with others

My family and I had grown farther apart than a thousand miles


Watching my Superman slowly fall apart

Crumbled my walls down and melted into Kryptonite

As I was hurled into an unforgiving abyss for what seemed like eternity


Little did I know that it’s not that my Superman doesn’t exist,

But that my Superman was here with me the whole time

Waiting for me to unleash him


So I did and found my way through the abyss

Faced my Kryptonite head-on and defeated it

And rebuilt my barrier with impenetrable walls


If my life was a movie, people wouldn’t like it

Because there’s no Superman to rescue me from distress

And sweep me off my feet


No Superman with big, strong, open arms to run to

And take comfort in.


Instead I became my own Superman

Who kept in touch with my Lois Lane,

Who took care of myself, and rescued myself from countless woes


Three years ago, I simply sat in a car

In the passenger seat, letting someone control my life


Three years later, I simply sat in a car

In the driver’s seat, took the steering wheel in life,

And drove.


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