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Sun, 10/16/2016 - 09:33 -- Spijazz

   I use to have stuffLots of stuff Stuff that I woreproudlyStuff that I carried around in my pocket stuffStuff that I woundplace in placesamong other stuffto be seenby others who probably had theirown stuff I really lovedmy stuff Now I can not evenfind my stuffI have gone throughso much stuffonly to findthe new stuff I keep asking myselfwhere is my stuff?Stuff just don't get upand run off, does it?Maybe it wasn't my stuffin the first place I'm confused overthis stuff Once I saw my stuffin the home of somebody elsenext to their stuffI thought for a secondbut I let that stuff go I'm now taking photosof all my new stuff and placing it onone of those shared sitesso at least I can connectwith stuff that might go missing If anyone listeningis holding on to my stuffplease have pityand return my stuff I really miss my stuff  John Robert Bland 

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