My Struggle

I feel that I've already been through a lot.
Daddy stealing drugs.
I'm hoping we don't get shot.
Things were hard as first......
But then the fast money can to heal where it hurts.
It's funny how it works.
I know I'm not the first to see my parents in handcuffs
and my uncle in a hearse.
Now that really hurts.
Listen the streets can get you hurt.

Listen the streets can get you hurt.
It's funny how the game change.
The people that you sellin' too be the one to take yo'
But it's okay cause I'm going to be straight.
My daddy might be locked away but momma here to stay.
I swear I'm on the way to the top no play play.
Rapping ain't my dream but it's my destiny.

This poem is about: 
My family



I really felt this. Great job!

Ka'Niya Pickens

Thank you I'm glad that you could relate to this.

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