My Stride


United States
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God help me in my walk,
For my steps are stunted by my pain.
I know in You I have true joy,
Even though the world makes me feel shame,
My stunted steps are short,
But You give me strength.
So I see not the short steps I take,
But the gain,
The distance I make.
And I anticipate the end of the day,
With only me and You,
As the world fades away,
What is life but a day?
The glory after sunset, after darkness,
Oh how I wait for that day.
But until then,
I make way,
For the will You have planned for me,
With You in mind,
The short steps I take,
Strides in Your will,
Meant for my sake.


Aubrie Smith

This poem is incredible. "So I see not the short steps I take,/But the gain" is my favorite part! The message here is beautiful. Keep writing :)


I just recently became christian and have been having difficulties about it with my family, but it's definately worth it and even though the steps are harder to take i still do my best to push forward.


Don't give up in the hardships. The valleys are dark, but they come an end, and they make us appreciate the mountain tops even more. Remember to listen and rely on His grace, and He will carry you through the worst of it all.

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