My Story: Rooted


United States

It all started when I was just a thought in my mothers mind

A guessing game for the ages

I waited

Waited in the corners of my mothers heart

In the nutrient enriched darkness of uncertainty

Of care

I was born

Born into the hands of a stranger

Cradled by the arms of my mother


Fighting for a hold on life

Spinning through reality

Images from a far are blind to me

Blown from my frame of thought like a cool summer breeze


Making no difference in my baby



Excuse me

My apologies

As it seems that you are no longer compatible with me

Me, myself and I


My mind is dripping with insanity

Burning with curiosity

Mixed in with simplicity


I can't help but close my eyes and sleep

Sleep as time passes through me, above me, by me  

Brushing up on my face again and again with each new day but never







Revealing reality

To me, for me

A landscape of color lying before me

Creating a picture of beauty clothed in serenity

Whispering to me


What's next?

Skipping through the days the months the years


A time traveler of the new age


Blurred lines passing by

My eyes, I see,

Bright sunlight, creating a rhythmic tune as the palm trees sway to and fro

Shining through, the ocean blue

What now?

A panoramic view of colored hues

Kids playing amongst the golden sand

Bathed in the light of simplicity

Unaware of the looming proximity  

Of change

Fighting its way through the marred lines of culture


Our sense of identity, responsibility


Exchanged with the impending reality

Decidedly, undoubtedly it is strange



This feeling in my brain

I can't explain

But hold up; let me take a step back, rewind, to a time

Where I was promised everything was going to be fine

Where paradise was mine

In my hands

Along my thin line

Of life

Here I stand and here I stay

Wondering what happened to the light of Hawaii nei


Paradise was lost but supposedly it has been found

With fake smiles

Drenched in the fragrance of Aloha

Forced down our throats, I cannot breathe

I choke

Gasping for air I try to find a hold on life

On my community

Ripped out by the media

Drowned out by the negativity


Presently I see

The dark line, of poverty


From sunrise to sunset

Under the universal sky

To the soul of the pacific blue

 From the mountainous trash filled hills to the beach parks left in the shadows of broken promises

Lingering in the light of day

Poverty stays


Striking down each person

With methamphetamine, like invisible bombs to the brain

Stranded, dejected rejected


From one minds eyes to the next

Drop down to the cement floor


People laugh and people stare

Ignoring what's right in front of them because it’s the norm

But what would you do if that were you out there?

If that was your family left in the dark?


Left in the darkness of their insanity, with no light to breathe


Cloaked in hypocrisy, submerged in idiocracy slipping through the thin lines of democracy


Stereotypes roam free, while poverty reigns queen

With no real experience to lead

We fall

Leaving us to our own devices

Divided, inside we fall short

Of perfection

Stumbling along

With slim chances of resurrection

But what can I do, what can I say to make people see that there's something more

When in front of me, all around me

Families are struggling to stay a float this massive shore

Of life

Attaining obesity, at fast food eateries

People camping among the trees

While kids ditch and burn away their only chance of survival

Their dreams and goals become muddled

Packed, rolled and set aflame, while every problem but themselves are lame

But who's to blame?

Is it the boys that are making babies leaving the girls at fault in play?

Or is it the parents at home? Passing on the system of abuse and trauma?

Is it the government fools who pay no heed or the rich who use the land that we have but don’t give back?

Is it the military using up sacred lands with no plans? Or the cheap fast food places

Who's to blame?

You and I


Shifting through the sunlight and earthly smoke I realize

I understand

Because you see, where there is negativity there will always be hope

A ray of light that pierces through the unforgiving dark

A rainbow after a storm

There will be change

A change of heart a change of mind

Shifting through the pulse of time


But here I stand and here I say

I was born into the arms of a stranger

Cradled by the arms of my mother

A seed in the meadow of uncertainty

Knowing that my legacy will be for eternity

Rooted I stand

Grounded we must stay

My story, waiting to be told, with a beginning middle and an end

It will unfold

Because I know, I am change, I am hope, and I am love

With every step I take

Every move that I make, I know that this isn’t the end

We shall follow, and we shall conquer

Overthrowing the dictator of poverty

Placing the ruler of independency

Back where it belongs

Among us all

From the ground up we must fall

Side by side

Together I know one day we will move forward

Taking root in the grounds of our origin

Growing up but never stopping

So this is my story, with a past a present and a future but no end

Just change



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