My Story


I have carried money from Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru, Korea, and America in my wallet.

Most have never seen more than one type of currency.


I have lived in 6 different homes.

No more than 2 being in the same country

Most can barely say that they have lived in one house.


I have been lost on trains, planes, busses, cars, metros, motorbikes, trams, and subways.

Been in motorbike and car accidents along with that.

I have navigated unpaved roads in a foreign language

In a darkness all the same to me.

Most can walk their town in their sleep

And have never needed the company of a map.


I live in a country that my friends had to evacuate because of a natural disaster.

That the world watched sympathetically form their television.


I have friends that I have to stay up to keep in touch with

Because they are on the other side of the world

Goodmorning is my greeting

and Goodnight is theirs

Most have never sent and international message


I have hiked through Amazonian mountains

Up steep jungle steps to swim in the waterfalls of the world

And threaded through icy flowing waters

I have trekked up Macchu Pichu

And through the cobbled streets of Thailand.

I have snorkeled in the unimaginably diverse and beautifully rich ocean off Bali.

I’ve sat on the slow paced beach of Malaysia and had a beer with my dad

I have staggered through the infamous streets of Bangkok after night out with friends.


I have watched the sun set in countries all over the world

and watched entire films in a foreign language.


I have eaten guinea pig, alpaca, alligator, squid, pick, duck, cow, octopus and all kinds of fish and fresh fruits that I will never be able to recall the names of.

Most think everyone in the world eats what is provided at their local deli

But that isn’t even the beginning of it.


I have met and befriended Filipinos, African Americans, Whites, Asians, Bl-Asians, Australians, Austrians, Hawaiians, Malays, Balinese,

gays, lesbians, elderly, newborns, mentally challenged, geniuses, the hurting, the humble, the strong, and humans of all walks of life.


I have given a polite greeting and slight bow in a foreign language

And received it back in my own.

The instant feeling of warmth and respect between two monstrously diverse situations

In a simple greeting passing by

Made a connection through all of humanity

The amount of respect

Between an old gentleman and a young girl

Connected two cultures

Two universes.


I have seen the respect form an old man to a behaving misfit.

I have seen the young child lend his understanding hand to a thankful mother.


I have seen the tears streaming form the soldier who is reunited with his family.

I have seen the sorrow from a woman who doesn’t get to hold her fallen hero any longer.


I have met unforgettable friends at home

That I have to send off and say goodbye to the next year.

However I have also met unforgettable and incredibly diverse friends abroad and in travel.


And over the years

And all of my travels

Home has become an increasingly indistinguishable topic.


I have experienced a lot, and I am nowhere near finished.

I am on a search to learn more about myself and my world.

Because who am I to define myself when there are limitless possibilities of who I can become.


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