This is my story

Once upon a time, there lived an ordinary little girl in America; happy and goofy. Her name was Rani, Rani was growing up now getting older and older, and she was starting her first day of pre-k tomorrow! Rani was so excited that she was starting school. When she and her older sister Isha were little, Isha got ready to go to her first day of pre-k and she was getting ready to get on the bus, Rani would be the first one to get on before her sister got on the bus, that's how much was Rani was excited to go to school. Two years later, now she's going to pre-k too! On Rani's first day of pre-k, Rani came home crying to her mother. Rani's mother asked Rani what was wrong and Rani said the people at her school were teasing her because of her skin color. Rani was an Indian. The next morning Rani didn't want to go to school because she didn't want those immature kids to make fun of her again, they killed Rani's school spirt. Rani's mom went to school with Rani the next day, Rani's mom talked to the teacher of what had happened and the teacher assured Rani's mom that it wouldn't happen again. The same thing happened, but this time Rani didn't want to see her mother hurt by telling her that she was getting bullied for being who she was, so she kept it to herself. It happened over and over again until she was in high school her 9th grade year. Rani hated the fact that she was an Indian until she came to her freshman year in high school. Rani got in a major argument because some kids thought it was funny to ask her "can I join the ISIS?" it was 2015 and the ISIS were a Muslim terrorist group and because of Rani's skin color and who she was, the kids thought it was funny to ask Rani that question. Which was not funny to Rani at all, Rani was fed up now! And she was ready to take action against immature kids like that. Rani was also very hurt from that question they asked her because one of them was Rani's friend or at least she thought she was. Rani embraced her cultural which was Hinduism and she embraced who she is and she as proud to be an Indian. Rani showed the kids that she was careless and that they couldn't hurt her. the very next day the kids came up to Rani and apologized and Rani didn't accept the apology, but instead told the kids to stop bullying different skin colored people and spread the word of equality. From that day on Rani hasn't had any problems and she found better friends and she was happy again. Rani is in 11th grade now and she is proud of who she is and how she changed those kids. The End

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