My Story

When I was young she was taken from me
She was a second mother, a friend
After she died, I felt the joy she gave me die along with her
This was the spark of my depression that would build up over the years to come

In the eighth grade I reached my breaking point
I was bullied every day for being me
For liking certain things and listening to certain music
At the end of that year I almost committed suicide

My freshman year I didn't let people bother me as much
But the built up self hatred was still there and growing fast
I didn't know how long my fake smile would last

I always liked music
I love to sing and play the guitar
Music is my escape
I write songs and poetry about her and a lot of other things
It makes me feel better
Feel safe

I fought the hate and now I'm comfortable being me because I'm the only one like that
I hope to inspire other young people to believe the same about themselves and maybe even save lives one day
This is why I write


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