My Sprouting Flowers


I am happy with myself and my thoughts,

For I have numerous flowers growing on my head.

Each flower embedded in my mind holds great imagination and ideas

Which belong to you and me.


I have daisies, lilacs, oaks, tulips, and more sprouting from my head.

All of my flowers are planted with care,

Time and devotion spent on each one,

Creating my whole being.   


My flowers come and go as they please.

All different colors, shapes, and sizes,

Providing me with all the happiness I will ever need.




But soon I realized not everyone liked my flowers growing from my head.

Some thought they were bizarre.

Some thought they were absurd.

Some even thought they were irrelevant.


People starred, snickered, and screeched.

They did not see my flowers the way I do

...or did.


I cut everyone of my beautiful flowers off,

I ripped them from the root.

I disliked my flowers,

And the way they made me



I just wanted to fit in,

To be like everyone else,

To be...normal.




I soon found out that fitting in is not as fun as I thought.

Everyone wore the same things.

Everyone said the same things.

Everyone even thought the same thing.


I became bored with myself

And the people around me.

I wanted my flowers to sprout from my head again.

The one thing I realized I cannot live without is my numerous growing





So I began.

I planted my seeds in my head one by one,

I talked to them daily

And grew them with my thoughts.


This process took time,

It was not as easy as I thought.

The oaks took longer than the daisies,

But I was patient,

And waited.  




My flowers have now grown back,

Even more beautiful and bigger than before;

Overflowing with my thought and ideas,

Which belong to you and me.


I am much happier with my flowers

And I call you to be, too.


I want you to embrace what makes you different,

To ignore the people who do not accept your whole being,

To live a carefree life.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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