My Space, our Season

1,2,3 another day passes by quickly, 

1,2,3 tomorrow is already almost here 

It weighs down on my shoulders

and tugs at my shadow 

It’s really tiring, 

it’s hard to breathe today, 

How was your day? I see your smile,

It’s warm during winter, it’s nice to see

Will you tell me your stories?

Filled with warm scarves and wool mittens


To be honest, 

I’m not cold without these things

Because you are here, 

at the end of the day

Always by my side


Let’s be honest

I’ve disappointed you sometimes

But you endured and kept the fireplace warm

At the end of the day 

the frozen clock was melted by your tender touch

“I’ll be back”

Those are such pretty words

Because the day we meet again

Is a promised hello


Warm winter will return and it’ll be your turn

Tell me any story, let your burdens weigh on me 

When I look into your eyes, there is nothing to worry about

You are my space

This is our season,

 forever warm with your heart always by my side

I wait for the day when the clock ticks and 

With a single breath you whisper

I’m here. 

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