My Soul Sees Cause for Alleluia

The mirror sees…

A mass of writhing Medusa curls

A spotted face

Brown hair, brown eyes, dull

Blue jeans

Boring shirt, unfitted, with a slogan

A tiny cross necklace

… Not much to look at

My soul sees and grins

At hair as crazy as I am

Skin that reflects how much I don’t care what you think

A tiny sunflower around the pupil, Mom’s hair color

Comfy pants that fit

A modest shirt with a hint of my sarcasm

A bold symbol of my undying allegiance

Clues to the mystery of me

Others watch and think…

Shut up! Do you ever stop singing?

Who skips at our age?

Teacher’s pet or worst nightmare?

Um, was that chick wearing a skirt suit and a viking hat?


Thanks for the chocolate. I needed that.

… Weird, but nice

My soul watches me, too, reminds me:

There’s always reason to sing

Joy can be found in the simplest things

High standards are a good thing

Never take yourself seriously

Old-fashioned and simple are fine

Anytime. Whatever I can do to help.

Weird is good

The world glances at me

And turns away to “more important” people and tasks

I grin and ask where I’m needed

I don’t need their validation

I’m a work in progress

I’ve got a good starting point

That’s good enough for me

I am content. Alleluia.


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