My Soul is..


United States
39° 4' 6.5316" N, 93° 13' 5.3328" W

My soul is river stone
And fire fed
Dragon eyed and embered
Lurking in mountain’s jeweled gold
Soaring on iron wings

Praising sleep, precious sleep
Under moonlight’s glow
A howl, a beastly growl
I start

Knowing I must part
And with sword of swords
Or pen of pens
I create myself all over again

In vibrant hues of greens and blues
Till embers are no more
And when I find myself on sandy shore
Wavering to and fro

I create, I rebuild
I stop, I start
And all with my heard
Molten stone of stones

I fall apart
Knowing I must restart
And knowing wherever I go
That the road will take me home


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