My Someone





All different people.

You and me not so much.

We have a love deeper than the oceans and wider than the sky.

The times we had were like shooting stars, passing by.

The moments we shared deep into thought are pushed away by the fights we fought.

It was silent for a while but now it's just quiet.

Our friendship is crumbling and my mind is silent.

Our feelings are dying and we're moving on.

I said "I love you" but it was like talking to the sky.

Not a single mention or a wave goodbye.

You're moving on as the days disappear.

Every moment I think of you is followed by a tear.

My love, my friend, my someone is gone.

You and me are like anons.

You'll always be with me wherever I go.

Just know that if you get lonely in this world you can come back home. 


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