My silence

My silence

doesn't mean I'm dumb

Or that I'm not listening

It means I'm scared

Scared to say what I'm thinking

Afraid that to you it might be wrong

Or that my thoughts are stupid

I don't want you to call me weird or crazy

I want you to see in my light what I think

My silence 

doesn't mean anything

but I think you'll think my opinion doesn't matter

I'm afraid

of the names you'll call or 

the things you'll tell your friends about me

my silence is not something to take advantage of 

It's something to ask about 

something to stop

So mine and everyone's thoughts can flow freely

stop my silence and free me

save me from the judgement of my silence 

look at me and see my silence as nonjudgement

Do not look at me and guess my silence

No guess the reason of my silence 

So don't judge me or my silence 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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