My Shoulders bother you

My shoulders distract you or so they powers that be exclaim

What you really should be doing is teaching the boys how to tame

Their horomones, but lets be real it is not really them that is bothered

it is you old world, small minded narrow thinkers that cannot seem to get past  a thing

My clothes matter not, boys have imagination

stop telling me what I can clothe myself in 

I am here to empower a Nation

I am here as a Woman of herself

I could stand her naked and be the same

My clothes do not make me

so why do you try to cage me

Jump off you high horse, the air is to thin up there

I am sure of you came down, your senses would be clear

By saying what I decide to put on my body I should first think of how I may distract the ones around me

You are saying that if I was then raped it was the way I choose myself to look and be

Do you really feel that way

Let us think on that

Because if you do Iaask for the moment you shit in your own hat

and wear it around let the smell consume you

Let it mark who you are

That is what you want me to do

Your feelings are you own, same as mine

Let me make my own mistakes, let me waste my own time

Let me decide what and how I celebrate who I am 

Do not ask me to dress for a man

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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