In My Shoes

Bright eyed girl with a wall for a future

Bright eyed girl: you got nothing to lose

Daddy's away, mom's scraping by

The wall builds taller: stones stacked on bricks


Daddy's sick now, but he'll be back

He'll be back better than ever

A promise keeping, all-loving,

good guy that fell on hard times.


Helping mom with what you can

But those good grades gon' getchu goin'

The wall needs a ladder,

And you'll  build the steps with A's


Daddy's dead and gone for good now; no time to cry

Make him proud from above as you make the climb

The wall is tall but just continue to rise

You'll be far from the poverty is no time


Never give into the pressure to succumb,

Don't be overcome by the chains I'm stereotypically bound to

"Stay strong", no doubt I will

"Work hard", I do daily


This wall may be my future,

but it's the obstacle I face and embrace,

And with God's grace  I'll raise

The bar to go far and large...


Above any




People placin'

on a young girl in my shoes


This poem is about: 
My family
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