My Shadowed Self

I'm not afraid of my shadow,

Or the satin woven black

Of the night sky,

Words it lack.

I'm a heavy breather,

Fantasiser, I believe

In the Northern light.

But strap my arms

Behind my back

So that I can't,

So that I won't

Take flight,

Then maybe I'd have realized

All this world is missing is her ABC's

If you saw this, you'd see me,

But you'd never know my name.

I'm a woman, I'm a man, I'm a face

In the sand.  I'm a spirit,

In a body,

What else matters?

They tell me, everything.

If I was a man,

Who's hand

Would I take?

The worst kind of human

Spewing hate?

Or would I be the lover

Of the pretty girl next door?

Wouldn't matter.

My manlihood'

Would be the latter.

I'm a woman,

Shouldn't matter,

But already 

The steryotypes shapen up

Like a lighter.

I'm a spirit,

When it comes to.

I am me,

And you are you


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