My Shadow, Your Light

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 03:24 -- tgxiong

He told me I am his light and I told him he is my shadow.

He told me a grown light who has no shadow, is living as a light showered with lies.


When I was younger, naive and ignorant, I lived in a shower of lies.

Every second, I learned the truth of others.

What was said behind each other's backs and what was truly behind those smiles.


He may be a shadow but not all shadows are bad to the light.


Like how the light from the sun shines on the trees,

the trees create a shadow of shade to support those below.

Like how farmers need the sun but also crave for the shade.

It is like a shadow and a light, supporting their own children.


He who is my shadow had nurtured me into a better person every day.

Because he loves me, he lectures me about the good and the bad.


One time, I was grounded from an event I had looked forward to.

Devastated and frustrated as I was, he was mean and unfair in my view.

Truth was, I knew deep in my heart he didn't take me because he loves me.

I was sick that on time and because he loves me,

he chose to take care of me than to spoil me.


My dear shadow, I act spoiled sometimes. 

Because he loves me, he accepts every bonus and flaw that comes along.

He chooses to have strong mindset that decides what's best for us.


He says I am his light, that I am his everything.

Because he loves me, he would always wait til I get inside when dropping me off.

Whenever I cry, he would ask why and wipe my tears as support.

Even when he is the cause, because he loves me, he will wipe my tears and reason with me.


Because I love him, I was to do much more back.

He is an expert at delaying me from bad habits but he does not have great self discipline.

Here is when I, who is his light, am there to support.


My shadow is very fond of drinking an amount of soda.

His soda habits are beyond normal and that's why his light is there to help him.

Maybe a bit of soda here and there a week, but not every day like usual.


Whenever we argue, because we love each other, we give each other time and space.

Because we love each other, no matter how angry we are at each other, 

we will always talk things out and compromise.

I am thankful for my shadow as you are thankful for your light,

because I love you!

This poem is about: 
My family


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