My Shadow


I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me.

It follows me during the day and then falls asleep.

It is as dark as night,

And mysterious as space.

It makes me laugh, it makes me cry,

It makes me change all the time.

I love my little shadow

Because it’s my little partner,

But I also hate it,

Because it makes me very angry.

it is very special.

But also annoying.

I love my little shadow,

who is my little friend,

and I thank her following everyday.





As dark as space,
Very sweet
And delicous.
Very tastey.
Many different kinds
many different colors
And Many different forms.

I could eat this all day

It has such a good taste

I just love it so much i cant explain.ld eat this all day
It has such a good taste
I just love it so much i cant explain.


 About a kids that has a shadow everwhere he goes and he love the shadow becasue he think it as his friend.The sentece but i also hate it because it makes me very angry i think in real life these can be true for example sometimes you seem you hate you friends and they get you angry every time becasue they annoy you.  The shadow that you see when you are on the field and in the sun it seems similar to these.They have use similie 



What do you think the poem is about? I think the poem is about Maria’s shadow that is following her and guiding them to make the right decisions. The poem’s title is  “ My Shadow”.

(1-2 Sentences)

What is something you like about this poem? Why? (Be specific!) I like the part of the poem that states: “I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me.” I like this part of the poem because it says that the shadow is like her partner in her everyday life.

What does this poem remind you of? Something else you read, something you have experienced, or something you see in the world around you? This poem reminds me of the book called Frog and Toad. It is about true friendship and can be compared to this book!

Were there any poetic devices used in this poem that made it stronger in your opinion. Identify them and say why you think that poetic device worked well. The poetic device is a metaphor. I think Maria should add more poetic devices to make her poem better!


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