My Serenity

Stranded on a deserted island

A mother would choose to keep her beloved child

A gambler his money, a drug addict his drugs

Couples in love would choose one another

But my drug is a little, orange ball


The game of basketball makes my world go round

and I can't seem to stay away

A naive, little girl being forced to pick up a ball

Now, an experienced athlete with much success 

But basketball goes beyond just a game


It drives me absolutely crazy

Like an addict going through withdrawal 

Makes my legs and arms ache with unbearable pain 

Sweat dripping, breathing uncontrollable

But all this mayhem is where I find my sanity


On a stranded island, nothing will make my heart full

Nothing will give me an escape 

Nothing will exert my undying passion 

But this little, orange ball 

Where I find my pure serenity, in a place so dangerous and vulnerable



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I love this!! I can relate to it so much 


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