My Serendipity


Charlotte, NC
6189 Cork Tree Court Commitment drives success.
United States
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Gratitute towards life overwhelms me

I go about my day in optimism and curiousity

Productivity is the fuel

While proactivity leads me forth

I browse Metasequoia model downloads and the sweetness within

Unzipping the file brings such pure wonder

Sharing it with friends peaks their interest greatly

We evovle into super 3d animation buddies

As a new dawn arises I let my worries crunch under my feet

I feel the sun on my face and smile at my adversaries

All that I've learned will be my guide

My faith will be as well

There are more animations to be made

And they will be awesome

I will mold and draw,

I'll sketch my soul into my creations

I read stories of adventure and suspense

I favorite those stories and share ideas with the author

My inspiration is tripled as scenarios bloom in my mind

I'm cultivating my mind greatly

I debate with passion and sincerity

For what is an author if they cannot shed themselves?

Throughout my years I will enjoy more stories

I will write more stories and I will converse with creative minds

And those debates will be awesome

I'll make memories with beloved souls

Traveling with them as I wind down

And even in gloomy weather,

those photos will bring relaxation

I will search through my bookmarks for new shows

I'll scavenge for seasons and unique creations

I'll return home from nurturing productivity

My tears will glow and stream with soft joy

Floating through scenes and series with awe

I'll discover more about life as I grow with beauty and grace

And it will be awesome




This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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