My Runway


United States
32° 46' 4.5048" N, 117° 7' 24.7224" W

Why am i amazing? I inspire myself, no need for attention, affection or love.
I'm living my life, laughing at jokes.
I have to be strong, learn from my lessons and tell other people hoping they'll listen.
Although im 15, I've learned so much about myself and about life.
I used to be scared, used to be shy. Scared of the world, scared for my life?
I realized it's time to fly. open m y wings and into the sky.
No need to be scared, crack out of my shell! Be LOUD , fuN and Proud.
But, most importantly love myself, because if i don't no one else will.
Wake up with a smile on my face, feeling confident...
This world is my runway <3



A very optimistic, upbeat poem! I enjoy how the poem inherently creates different meanings for the word runway---the open, self-loving optimism calls to mind a fashion runway, where one may reveal themselves as they are with no regret, and the imagery of wings and flight calls to mind an airport runway with a plane beginning to take off. Either way, the poem conveys a sense strength, independence, and happiness.

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