My Rose That Grew From Concrete


United States
38° 30' 19.4616" N, 77° 2' 41.7588" W

It's like a rose blossoming in my chest,
Sometimes the thorns hurt or keep me away
But the caress of the petals on my skin still send electricity through my core,
Only you could ever do that to me.
It's been months since I've allowed myself to gaze at you the way I used to.
You stand before me in pain,
Life's thorns pressed deeply into your sides.
But darling, am I strong enough to pull them all out?
People think I'm strong enough to save you
But what people think and what I can actually do are two very different things.
I want to save you,
I want to be the one to dig you up from your place in this concrete hell,
To free your root system from this toxic soil.
My love could be a fresh spring rain,
Wash away the worries and pain that has collected on your beautiful petals through the years.
You could use me to free yourself from this wasteful disdain.
We could make love,
Put our souls to peace
And let our cares drift and fade like the spring gives way to winter's cold hand.
We could live out our days,
Lost on horizontal plains forever hidden away
From the bitter pasts we both somehow helped create
Yet assisted in making sure all of our demons were slain.
I could be your beauty and you could be my beast,
We could make this work.
The harmony to a melody,
We would fit like a perfectly constructed puzzle piece.
We Could
We Would
But Will We?
You're the only one who can take care of me
No one else can fix me
You know more than I like to admit
You're my rose who grew from concrete
I'll be your Camellia, blooming when you least expect it
I'll remain ever green even after you've lost your petals and gone dormant
We'll grow side by side
Our root systems twisted and mingled
Like our heart strings
We'll huddle in the pouring rain
Raise our petals to the blazing sun
Be trampled on yet rise again in rebellious refrain
I love you thorns
I love your petals
I love your roots
But most of all, I love you


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