My Riving Heart


United States

My Riving Heart


Their heads were bent in deep conversation.

A conversation in which I had no place in.

While conversing they

 Drew unconsciously closer;

For a split second,

Two hands grazed each


All at once, I heard something crack inside me,

I knew not what it was,

Nor did I care for the time being.

I was enraptured with

The scene unfolding before


What I saw would have

 Made any ordinary girl


But when have I ever

Been ordinary.

The scene contained two people;

One a true friend,

 The other was someone who

 Had once been close to

My heart.

What do I know…

He probably still is.

I didn’t feel jealous of her,

 Because if I did,

I would lose something unattainable in this world.

I didn’t feel angry at him,

 Because if I did,

It would be in vain.

I was the only one

In the world who knew

 What was being expressed in front of me was


Yet, there are others

Who would define it


What I did feel is

 A sensation of utter, utter …


A feeling that I don’t

 Belong here.

This feeling wasn’t new to me.

 I’ve felt it before,

From time to time.

But at that moment,

It was so immense;

Unable to bear it,

I ran.

Again, I heard something


This time it sounded like splintering glass.

I felt a sharp pain inside.

A moment later I realized…

It was my heart

That had


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