My ReflectionsAs I stand between

Fri, 11/28/2014 - 22:03 -- mmurraj


My Reflections

As I stand between two mirrors

I expect to see my own reflections

But I don't

The mirror in front of me I see the relfection of a warrior

A warrior with a vicious look and a sly smile

I look at the mirror behind me 

I see my own reflection

The small meek girl 

Gentle, kind, sweet, and easily taken advantage of

I look back at the mirror in front of me

The female warrior stares back at me

The look on her face encourages me to keep advancing

She is the one who does not let anyone get in her way

She is the one who gets what she wants when she needs it the most

Inside, I am as fierce as a warrior

But I just don't show it


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