My Recant of Barriers

My Recant of Barriers


I would like to recant my last statement

See, a wise man asked me the question

“Why do you have to wait

for someone to tear down “your” wall”

I thought for a second

but yet I couldn’t answer his question

You see I had the mind set

that I had wait for someone to tear down my walls

It had to be someone else

Someone else because

Because I wasn’t strong enough

Someone else had to tear down my walls

And make me feel secure

But in reality Me, Myself, and I are all I need

To knock down those walls

See, I discovered through this one question

That I could tear down my own wall

Tear down my wall and face the world

Through this one question

I discovered that I am not only

my biggest motivator

But I am also my biggest suppresser

I am here today to tell you

That I tore down my wall

I tore it down to face the cruel world

I tore down my wall so that I can better my self

And no, people can stand beside me

Stand beside me and fight the world

Fight the world together because I can no longer

hide behind my wall

I will succeed

Not letting anyone not even myself

Hold me back from doing

what I was meant to do

Or from being who I was meant to be


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