My Queen


United States
36° 23' 17.4408" N, 76° 55' 26.3028" W

I am but a humble prince
Looking for my Queen to complete me as king
For I am weak without my missing rib
And like a young Martin Luther said

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”

So I wont be silenced till the day I have her
And even still I’ll preach my love to the heavens
Where she comes from, my angel
God sent, a blessing without question

This emotion inks my heart like parchment
These words that course through my veins
And warm my hands to her touch
Softens my lips when we kiss just such…

As if it never happened as it hasn’t
But I can see into the future
As nights turn to fortnights in these dreams
And all I see are visions you and me
Rooted deep enough to start a new love

The seed of our family tree
Shakespearean royalty
Because this dream, is a playwright of perfection
A confection of affection for the woman I call love
Just because…

Because for a moment she can smile and it’ll linger for hours
She would cry me a river to soften the blow of my tears
Her beautiful mind simply blows my mind
It feels like I’ve known her for years
Just enough…

Just long enough that I can mistake a sunrise for her eyes
Imagine waking before the light that radiates from her smile

I want to touch your heart before your body
Satisfy your mind and your spirit
And caress the pure essence of your soul before I near it
My dearest, my dearest queen

You’re my once in a blue moon
My rare and precious stone
To lose you
Would be like the earth loosing the moon
You create a tide of emotion in me that
Feels as natural as the shoreline kissing the sea
Passionately, Repeatedly, eternally

Everything I hope we’ll ever be
My Queen


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