My Prayer


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God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference...

The audacity to believe in your miracles
The strength to go on after I've been broken
The compassion to forgive my brother who has offended me

The maturity to disregard the opposers
Who constantly try to bring me down
But will never succeed.

The faith to see you in the midst
Of my trials and pain
You are bigger than my circumstances
You are limitless.

The vision renewed and restored
The desires of my heart
According to your will

The ability to see me as you do
A child of God
who is in this world but not of it.

The ability to love
even my enemies
As you did without a second thought

The power to speak life
In all things
and be a light in this world.

and finally...

God grant me
The freedom to worship
As I was created in your image to do




Awesome writing! I hope for the same things also! And you are worshiping Him through your writing :)


Thank you so much! I appreciate it.


Truthfully i am not that into religion but this was a beautiful piece without  doubt. Pure love and devotion could be felt from your words. 

I know of another religious poet you should look up some of his spoken word. His name is Jefferson Bethke. Let me know what you think of his work especially "why i hate religion but love jessus"

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