My Power


35 north main st Andover, Maine
United States
44° 28' 32.0016" N, 73° 13' 5.1672" W

It flowls like liquid, at once hot and cold

running through my veins a potent cocktail 

first part cofidence

three parts raw energy-

the rest?

Nothing but knowledge; Nothing but the truths I hold self evident,

Nothing but what requires no evidence because I hold it in my heart and in my soul

proof in the space inside my imagination to make sense of the world's Verities

Observation of the truest and most twisted form-

I will always have less than some and more than I will ever need- FACT 


My body is mine but my ingenuity and love is meant to share - FACT

the list traverses on, a new epiphany for each time my fingers give order to my thoughts-

each time my eyes follow the trail of letters across a page-  

each time my ears reverberate with the language of wisdom,

My power is the key to the universe

My power, can save the world.





I like this. This reminds me of myself and my thought processes actually. I think it is well written and a good piece.


Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast. I'm really glad you liked it. 

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