My Possibilities


They say things like

But you're so intelligent.

There is a whole world of possibilities. 

You just need a degree.

But we are taking over soon

And we can change things

But instead of teaching us

how to make a difference...

We learn that the opposite of b plus or minus the square root of b squared minues four a c all over two a is how to correctly factor a parabolic equation

and find where the intersection points are on the x axis

We learn that there are forms and techniques to writing.

Instead of just letting writing be art, art becomes just another function

another formula

And why?

So we become brainwashed

So we NEED to pay

$43,600 a year

To become somebody

Without this piece of paper

We will wind up in a box

We are nothing.

But no matter what you say

No matter how great a doctor I would make

No matter how successful a lawyer I would be

No matter how many A's I got in AP psychology

No matter my SAT scores

You are not

Going to make me,

at 18,

Limit myself.

Because you were right

I'm smart.

I have potential.

So I'll try to pay the $43,000

To study the one thing 

That doesn't limit me


I can become a doctor

A lawyer

A cognitive neuroscientist

A world traveler

And I dwell in these possibilities

Even if I live in a box

I will open windows and doors.

What my 3.9 GPA means to me

Is that I have a good memory. Perfect.

But to you, it means I'm well suited for something less artistic.

And I can see the way your face falls

when I tell you

that, Theatre School It Is!


But guess what?

I don't give a shit.


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