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When the gates slumped open
I went deep in, Puerto Rican, butter pecan
Was the texture of her skin in
The sensation was like
Honey and milk and bread and butter
When I release I sometimes utter
See look here
Some might say that my poetry is overrated
But I say your mindsets are just inundated
So update your mindset
And get hip to my poetry concept
Because my concept is lecherous
And my rhymes get treacherous
And I won’t stop
Don’t stop
until I get to the top like Pegasus
Yeah, and I dish out sexual messages

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Thank you.Lol no im not puerto rican, puerto rican was the description of the female in the poem. 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

nice poem

enjoy the flow of this piece


This was so lyrical. I love it!

toni has trauma

Very lyrical, I loved its confidence and satirical undertone!

Piper Thursday's

Ooooh, that was nice! I enjoyed your poem!


I want to put this to a beat, ugh, it's so good!!

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