My pledge

America, the great, is what it claims to be, But the America I know is a giant catastrophe.

One nation under god? Who is that and where is he? A lot of us ask but never can tell. Justice for all right? Unless you have coco colored skin, and your hair needs more than a brush in the morning to keep it cute. Even for the people that stand for what’s right, they still get hurt by our “protectors”, but if they have a badge it’s all good, right? Wrong, why is my brother scared to walk down the street, why when I wear my life matter shirts I get scolded, but someone wears the confederate flag and ooh its apart of their history. Last time I checked my history is just as important, even as I say that people are getting deported, because they took something they earned, does that make sense to you? Cause I’m lost and confused. How can this country be the “best”, when they see what’s going on, but refuse to change? . So much hate in its heart that they don’t know what to do, bombing countries left and right soon, because our president wants us too.  So, America the great, hmmmmm more like America has hate 

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My country


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