My place

There's a place all my own.

Shared, but just for me.

I go and I am revived.

I cry all tears for that year,

and I laugh enough for a century.

I am grounded and secure,

surrounded by love.

It seems that the life I usually live is gone,

and everything I need, want, hope for..

becomes my reality.

I have a week where peace and friendship grow high.

Where trees and nature make me appreciate life,

face beauty.

Where I take my guard down and reveal who I am


to strangers.

I'd never say they're strangers though, because they share

in an experience of universal love

and healing.

I am mentored and taught, shaped into a better person.

I'd give all that I have for this place,

It is my home.

I watch children become caring people.

I watch others who are known for being so cold,

be the kindest souls.

I wish I could share my place with the world.

I wish I could show the world a place where only peace exists.

Where hate and anger just dissapear, and I wish I could spread it everywhere.

I love my place, it's everyone's place.

I love to see what it does for the world.

..and how much more it could do.

This poem is about: 
My community


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